Reflection of Kazakhstan's soul:
the birth of our ethnic furniture
Inspired by history, enriched by culture - our furniture best tells the story of the country

Being inspired by the rich culture of Kazakhstan, we've set out to create something unique. It's more than just work - it's the love we infuse into every piece, highlighting the beauty and heritage of our homeland. We take pride in contributing to the preservation and promotion of this cultural wealth!

Every Quraq collection of ours is not just furniture.
It's a piece of history captured in every element.

Yerlan Sagintayev, Director of Quraq Group LLP


Every detail of our Quraq furniture carries meaning and symbolism. It's the result of manual labor and the embodiment of generations' heritage. Our artisans skillfully bring to life ethnic patterns, embroidering them onto soft fabrics and decorating furniture elements. We take pride in our product having a proprietary patent, confirming its uniqueness and originality.


Every detail of our Quraq furniture holds meaning and symbolism.

Immerse yourself in our heritage. Feel the spirit and beauty of Kazakhstan in every element of our furniture.
Every detail of our furniture undergoes a meticulous creation process. We exclusively utilize premium materials and tools to ensure each element attains perfection. Our artisans refine their techniques by hand, ensuring the highest quality for every piece. Each furniture item is the culmination of many hours of work and a love for artistry.

Our products are crafted to carry and transmit the history and culture of our country into your home. Support our cause, create a unique interior, and become a part of this rich history.
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