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Quraq: Evolving Elegance in Ethnic Furniture

Introducing Quraq, a model that stands among the first in our collection. It serves as the starting point for the creation of newer, more refined variations of ethnic furniture. Each subsequent model not only preserves the distinctive decorative elements of its predecessors but also introduces its own enhancements.

In the showcased event at the residence, the ethnic beauty of Quraq is evident. The interior of the presidential yurt adorned with our furniture exudes sophistication and style. We take pride in presenting three yurts designed for guests, where every detail is crafted with care for both comfort and visual appeal.

Quraq is more than just furniture; it's art intertwined with traditions, bringing a unique ethnic charm and luxury to your space. Immerse yourself in the world of Quraq and feel the spirit of ancient traditions seamlessly blended with modern design.
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